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One of factors of reliable detection of defects, except equipment opportunities, value judgment at interaction of system is: the operator - the defectoscope. In the existing systems of UZK the visual-aural analysis is used by the operator of information on all channels that, of course, cannot but lead to the admission of defects, especially at an early stage of development. Therefore there is a need of preservation of results of control or electronic documenting.

Detection and determination of coordinates of the defects representing violations of a sploshnost and located both on a surface and in metal and nonmetallic products and in welded connections.

Thus, the new modern domestic multichannel defectoscope UDS2-73 is developed for continuous ultrasonic control of both rail threads which combines in itself possibilities of defektoskopny carts and the automated high-speed means of UZK, and also can be used as 5 channel manual defectoscopes for control of separate sites of a way. The defectoscope meets all modern requirements and has many advantages in comparison with the existing analogs:

The iimpedansny method, (the figure 2 based on the analysis of change of a mechanical impedance of a site of a surface of controlled object with which the converter interacts significantly differs from rassmotriyenny acoustic methods of nondestructive control. On use of standing waves the following methods are based:

Use of modern COMPUTERS in defectoscopes for automation of process of control and control, creates conditions for carrying out examinations of considerable volumes (for example, defectoscopy of multikilometer sites railway.

As the main means of increase of beam resolution reduction of duration of an impulse serves. At control of products of big thickness it is sometimes difficult to divide two close located impulses on the screen. This restriction is eliminated with introduction of the detained development.

The equipment based on an echo - a pulse method of ultrasonic defectoscopy, provides high efficiency and reliability of control with possibility of documenting of results, processing on the COMPUTER, formation of databases and information output on papers.

Entirely, resolution defines possibility of a method to judge a form of object of reflection. Judge the characteristic of defect also according to the invoice of its surface thanks to different extent of dispersion of waves on it.