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The Araratsky valley is located to the southeast the Shiraksky plain and reaches from the northwest for the southeast to the Nakhichevan hollow. The area is crossed by the wide valley of the river Arak which bottom itself as it was already noted, one of the lowest and parts of the Armenian uplands.

Landscape of flat part of the Araratsky valley typically desert-semidesertic, with characteristic sierozemic soils. In places sandy hillocks, saline soils, solonetzic soils, and also soils are observed. The considerable part of the plain is processed and covered with kulturyono-irrigation soils. The raw part of the territory is covered with kserofilny and galofilny vegetation and a wormwood, and cultural and irrigation soils are covered with gardens, vineyards, plantations of cotton and other crops.

In a zone of average heights of mountains the winter mode of weather comes in decade of November, in the Araratsky plain from second decade of December, and transition of average daily air temperature through 0 ° in the plain is made in the first half of December. In December steady snow cover is formed.

Seldom or never in January there is a weather to thaw. About a of all winter weathers frosty weather makes strongly and considerably, and repeatability of strongly frosty weather does not exceed. 2 — 5%. Average monthly temperatures of winter are very low. For example, in

The most long summer in the republic happens in the Araratsky plain. In mountains not only the summer becomes cool and ­ rainy and cloudy weathers, but also duration of the summer period is reduced. In a mountain zone duration of summer does not two months (VII, VIII), and in July weather with thaw still makes considerable percent.