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All sea part of the reserve – the open water area. At once at coast big depths begin. The fish fauna of these places is quite rich. So, from total number of species of the Black Sea fishes at coast Karadaga meet 93, from them 80 types live constantly. In numerous bays the most valuable breed of fish – the Black Sea mullet spawns.

On separate slopes, inaccessible for cattle, by the steepness 30–50 ˚, located in the form of narrow strips among stony crests, fragments of a feather grass of the most beautiful are extended. On slopes of beams and ridges compact thickets of steppe bushes meet. On the bottoms of many beams and deep hollows the remains of bayrachny oak groves still remained. The main forest forming breeds are an elm smooth, a maple field, an ash-tree high, an oak chereshchaty. In a grassy circle krasivotsvetushchy perennials anemonies dubravny meet, the crested bird dense, a glade Siberian, places is a lot of hop. In the Provalsky steppe more than 650 species of the higher plants and in their structure more than 100 rare and disappearing are.