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Telecommunications. Recently computer systems of public access actively take root into number of tool technologies of market economy: commercial databases of thematic character, system of the electronic exchanges and advertizing boards, announcements, systems of remote information processing, means of representation of information, financial and other types of service.

Information infrastructure of economy is formed by the organizations operating the centers of processing and the analysis of information, channels of information exchange, communication and the communication line, and also means of information exchange.

Technologies of management. In the conditions of the market the new contents fills all procedures of production management. Any production is connected with flows of both internal, and external information. Among variety of the arriving data the manager for decision-making needs only strictly certain, and all others represent information noise. Besides, the most part of information arises not where it need therefore for the successful solution of the arising tasks great value gains ability to overcome this distance. Solution of the problem of communication has impact on the speed of receipt of information and its timeliness that promotes more effective work of the enterprise. This not the cycle of problems reveals need of creation of the special managing director of information system which promotes their optimum decision. Now there are two main approaches to creation of such systems. These are MIS-systems (Management Information Systems), which to

in "the most convenient form taking into account the standard principle of profitability provide to the necessary timepoint information, necessary for the manager, about last, real and future according to the arisen situation. The second approach is based on DSS systems (Decision Support Systems) which are focused on intellectual ensuring decision-making processes and set as the purpose support of the made decisions.

Further development of network means with the simultaneous growth of capacity of communication channels and speeds of information transfer will lead to creation of essentially new global environment of human communication which resources can be both means, and object of marketing, that is the target market for new technologies, production and services.

In turn is reproduced, as a rule, administrative, scientific and technical, household and educational informatsiya.27 It means that it can be received different, means and different subjects.