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to determine the purpose of design of rational intra machine technology of processing on the basis of the chosen tools (for example, reduction of time of processing by that exists at the moment at the expense of the improved search engines and sortings which are provided by the chosen tools; minimization of costs of development and further maintenance ON; ensuring reliability of EIS and information security, etc.);

The choice of one of options of intra machine technology of data processing is closely connected with its justification at which carrying out in the degree project it is expedient to proceed from specifics of the projected process.

Among them it is possible to note such as: - possibility of search of various combinations of search signs in inquiry; - providing faster search of the data; - improvement of characteristics of the output data due to expeditious correction of inquiry from the terminal; - possibility of expansion, narrowing or change of the directions of search right after receiving results; - plurality of points of access; - fast access to rather seldom used information; - the operational analysis of the received data.

to prove a choice of the appropriate tool means (programming languages, specialized libraries, DBMS, systems of the automated design, systems of the class CASE, etc.) and Wednesdays in which use of the developed EIS is supposed;

Characterizing batch mode of data processing, it should be noted its following characteristic features. Input of a stream of tasks is carried out from the local input equipment. Performance of the mode includes three phases of processing: preparation, performance and completion of process. Thus the first phase demands definition of sequence of actions and input of basic data. The second phase assumes logical transformation of initial files, creations and streamlinings of working files, information processing and formation of the output data, exercising control of results of the decision. On the finishing phase it is printed. These features need to be considered in connection with specifics of a functional task.

However, modern COMPUTER and VS are characterized by a large number of various technical, operational and economic parameters and indicators. Practically it is impossible to consider all characteristics of the COMPUTER and VS.