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Before development of new goods it is necessary to conduct market researches of the let-out brands of goods as sale of any goods endures recession and outdated goods sooner or later it is necessary to replace new. But the company has to understand how there is an obsolescence of its goods, and to be able to adapt the marketing strategy for different stages of their life cycle. So market researches of the let-out goods include:

The third source for development of ideas — independent firms which too can be attracted to search of ideas of new goods. Reports of the institutes which are engaged in an of goods have value. At exhibitions and fairs there can be domestic and foreign competitive products, it is also necessary to attract the analysis of patents and results of researches in areas.

The Concorde planes (the British-French project), PCjr computers (IBM company), videorecorders Betamax (Sony), EuroDisneyland (joint the Walt Disney and EuroDisney Group project) and the electric cars C5 (dive Sinclairs) that all of them did not pay for itself unites as producers planned, having filled up a black list of the goods which failed.

Generation of ideas is systematically organized search of ideas of new goods there are many ways to organize a constant stream of ideas. The main components of process of search of ideas of new goods — it is the analysis of sources of ideas and application of creative methods of receiving ideas.

Is based on the following parcel: it is necessary to proceed not from the only criterion, and from their certain set, the characterizing these or those parties of novelty of goods. Thus it is possible to allocate, for example, four levels of novelty of goods:

One of final stages of creation of a new product is trial marketing or test in the market. Trial marketing — is a of a product and the marketing program in real market conditions. The purpose of trial marketing — even prior to full-scale realization of a product to estimate a product and its marketing program (the price, a, brand, packing, service, etc.) and to learn how on all this consumers and intermediaries will. Results of trial marketing can be used when forecasting sales volume and profit. At trial marketing of consumer goods use the following methods: standard testing of the market; control testing of the market; imitating testing of the market.

When developing the concept of a new product, i.e. definition, in what concrete product the selected idea materializes, is defined, from a other products it will compete, is carried out a new product. Here too results of market researches have to be used widely. The phase of development of the concept of goods is closely connected with method of the functional and cost analysis. The method estimates product elements only on bases of expenses, without other criteria. Elements which do not influence significantly quality of a product, have to be eliminated or changed.

Definition, what groups (segments) of consumers and as often the studied goods (definition of degree of loyalty to an to goods). Influence of degree of satisfaction with goods on loyalty to its brand is here too studied.

If we know the income and expenses or receipt of funds and payments for a certain period of time, for the forecast of profit can life methods of investment calculations are used. Anyway it is necessary to consider some periods as as shows model of life cycle of a product, the first periods can be absolutely atypical from the point of view of profit.

The company which expects long time to keep the market and to be profitable, has to update the offer constantly. Updating of the offer includes various actions on development of new goods: improvement of the existing goods, creation new and expansion of the range of trademarks or increase in their number.

It is recommended to develop optimistic averages and pessimistic forecasts for each situation. Other possibility of the accounting of uncertainty consists in correction of target sizes in such a way that the coefficients expressing degree of their reliability are appropriated to them.

Sinektichesky approach consists in gradual alienation of an initial problem by creation of analogies to other areas of life. After mnogostupechaty analogies fast return to initial tasks is made.