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Reduction of the land area happened due to reduction of an arable land, and consequently also the sizes of agricultural grounds. It can be explained with dispersion of lands and impossibility of processing of distant sites in connection with a difficult material and financial condition of economy. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that transformation of lands is impossible in the near future.

Optimum doses of nitrogen for mid-season and late-ripening grades of potatoes fluctuate ot120 to 150 kg/hectare on condition of balance with other batteries. At introduction with fertilizers of 120 kg of nitrogen on 1 hectare on average on 1 kg of nitrogen receive 50-60 kg of tubers. On lungs supeschannykh soils at enough moisture efficiency can be above. If nitric fertilizers apply against covering manure (40-50 t/g, the dose of nitrogen can be lowered to 80 - 90 kg/hectare.

Thin loams. Have reddish-brown color, a kolenovato-neglybisty siruktura, a porist, with inclusion of boulders and pebbles. On mechanical structure easy average. Fractions of coarse, average, small sand and silt prevail.

Potatoes make great demands of the air mode of the soil. To have enough oxygen in the loamy soil, it is necessary to keep it in a friable state with a volume weight not less. 2 g/cm

However such norms of nitric fertilizers increase mainly crop size, and they influence protein content poorly. The increase in a belkovost, as a rule, does not exceed 1-1,5%. Sharply to lift a barley grain belkovost that is especially important at its fodder use, it is possible only at application of the increased and high norms of nitric fertilizers.